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MCPI Fine dosing® is specialist in the precision powder dosing and scattering systems. Our products are based on an exclusive and patented principle of extraction, which ensure superior advantages in term of accuracy and capacity to work with ingredients difficult to handle (sticky, cohesive or fine and delicate substances).

Our solutions ensure product integrity and avoid particle size segregation.

MCPI Fine dosing® systems are probably the more accurate in the market. They are particularly appreciated in food and drug industries thanks to the hygienic construction, easy to clean, to maintain, with almost no wearing parts.

Our product line contains all the essential powder feeding products from micro feeders with an accuracy of ± 1 mg to loss in weight feeders or scattering machines.

It doesn’t need long time to compare MCPI Fine dosing® systems with the traditional ones and to see the numerous advantages of this original and incomparable technology.

We hope your visit on this web site will be fruitful and interesting.

The MCPI Fine dosing® SPA micro feeders are designed for the precise dosing of powders and granules by weight. Linked to precise scales that control 3 flow rates, the micro-feeder can achieve accuracies to within +/- 1 mg, and short dosing times. 

A large range of products : 

4 levels of precision  –  2 different designs – 2 types of realisation.

4 levels of precision for the scale

     Class     Weighing resolution of the scales Min. quantity (estimation) Max quantity (estimation)


For batch feeding of dry materials

A    100 mg > 10 g  ~ 20 kg
2A        10 mg   > 250 mg ~ 500 g
3A           1 mg  > 100 mg ~ 100 g
4A         0.1 mg > 20 mg ~ 10 g

2 possible configurations for the micro-feeders

To offer the possibility of integrating these micro-feeders on automated lines, or to obtain simpler systems.

Dosing in a weighed rotating bowl : feeding is performed in « hidden time », during manipulation of the packing.

Direct dosing in the packing laid on the balance.

2 types of realisation: Hygienic or industrial

Problematics in terms of cleanliness and hygiene are not similar to all industries. We propose for industrial process applications, a more economical and less sophisticated design, but still easy to clean.

Hygienic design according the definition of EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group):

  • Simple design rules
  • Easy access to all machine surfaces for cleaning, disinfection and inspection
  • Eliminating hidden areas where deposits and biofilm can accumulate
  • All surfaces in contact with the material are « FDA » conform .

Industrial design

  •  Identical levels of performance to hygienic dispensers.
  •      Ease of cleaning
  •      Surfaces are not always polished, depend on  process requirements.
  •      Supports in painted steel
  •      Economical solutions, with a good value for money

Case studies

  • Feeding in a weighed swiveling bowl
  • Integration on automatic lines
  • Direct feeding in the packing

Technical advantages

  • The Accuracy and stability
  • The short dosing time
  • The compactness, reliability, flexibility
  • The safe design for the operators and construction based on hygienic standards
  • The intuitive and user friendly operation of the weighing controllers
  • A feeding system with high dynamic of operation
  • A high ratio between coarse and fine feedings. This is essential to perform both fast dosing processing and high precision.
  • A reduced and stable overshoot.

MCPI Fine dosing® exclusivities

MCPI weighing controllers for an easier operation and a better processing control
MCPI Fine dosing®:  an exclusive and patented technology, for the highest level of performance .
References and experiences in difficult applications
More about : Accurate 4A class micro feeders
Avalaible with hygienic design and ATEX IID

The first and probably the only completely hygienic loss – in – weight feeder !

The MCPI ® Fine dosing weight loss feeders are unique for their original design, totally focused on processing and cleaning efficiencies.

A  unique and innovative design

  • The simple design: the drive and weighing sensors are protected in a Stainless steel housing.
  • The process performances, over the best screw feeders (for accuracy + extraction efficiency of difficult powders), in both batch or continuous process.
  • 100% hygienic design.
  • Maintenance free feeders ( no wearing parts).
  • Safe for users

Range of products

Features   M size S size
Balance resolution from 2 grams 0.1 gram
Batch or continuous modes Yes Yes
Min continuous flow From 10 kg/h* From 1 kg/h*
Max continuous flow 500 kg/h* 20 kg/h
Min feeding quantity (in batch mode) from 100 grams from 5 grams
Design according GMP rules, Atex 2.1 (option). Yes Yes

Hygienic loss in weight feeder with scattering function

Main advantages

Feeding accuracy          

Thanks to the exclusive patented principle that offers:

  • A short reaction time and a reduced and constant overshoot
  • A large difference between coarse and fine flows (over 100 to 1). This point is essential to achieve a short dosing time and a good accuracy (in batch process).
  • A short term stability of the output flow (in continuous process).
Extraction of difficult materials
  • An effective extraction of the most difficult materials (eg pigments, aromas, TiO2, starch…).
  • As a consequence, our feeders don’t need agitators in the storage hopper (advantages: safety, cleaning, maintenances).
  • With the same feeder, it is possible to work with abrasive ingredients (sand, glass..) or very cohesive powders.
  • A very wide range of ouput flow rates
Respect of material
  • The powder extracton is performed without mechanical friction.
  • The integrity of delicate ingredients is preserved, no compaction occurs during operation.
Hygienic design
  • Design free of retention area, the feeder drains completely. Within a few dozens of seconds, without tools, the parts in contact with the feeder are disassembled.
  • The material is only in contact with stainless parts.
  • Water resistant, the feeder can be washed with hot water. The inclined surfaces promote drainage).
  • All mechanical parts are protected in a housing (no more difficult parts to clean – eg: motor, load cells…)
Reduced maintenance
  • The absence of mechanical friction is synonymous with reduced wear.
  • An accidental intrusion of a foreign body along with the material has no consequence on the feeder (unlike screw feeders where the same cause produces irreversible damage).
Safety for operators
  • The maximum stroke of the mechanical parts is less than 2 mm, thus excluding safety risks.
  • No agitator or rotating parts inside the feeder.

Multi-point dosing and powdering

The unique MCPI’s Multi-head Feeder, is probably the best solution on the market, due to multiple application points, together with simultaneous, fast and accurate dispensing of ingredients, and perfect sprinkling effect.

These patented feeders are controlled by motor speed and the outlet sections of the extractors. Each outlet is set separately to get the same feeding for each outlet.

Checks are carried out by the MCPI’s “Short-cut system”:  a mechatronics solution, which allows a perfect control of the extractor movement with repeatability below 1/100 sec, to ensure a quick and accurate feeding.

High rate of operation

This range of machines supplies an efficient cost effective solution for high cadencies productions (dosing time from 0.2 sec, up to 60 dosing cycles / min). The feeders can be fitted onto a “C” shape mobile trolley, to facilitate cleaning operations.

The design meets all food and drug industries requirements regarding cleaning and hygiene.


Decoration, flavouring and « topping » in food industry, filling of powders, granules, balls…. See applications of multi head feeders and ingredients.

MCPI Fine dosing® 

  • to re-configure the dosing points (number & width).
  • To adjust the height of the feeder (on the movable trolley), and the use of the same system on several lines.
  • Use of a wide range of ingredients on the same feeder.

Sprinkling and scattering of powders

MCPI Fine dosing® scattering machines are designed to sprinkle dry ingredients on large widths , with a uniform distribution profile across the application, and stable output flow rate.

MCPI powdering machines are simple to operate: the output flow rate is adjusted with a frequency variator.  With the same machine it is possible to work with numerous ingredients.   A special attention is paid at the design stage to produce equipment  that is easy to clean and to maintain.

Our new innovative  solutions, combined with the dimensioning know-how of today, have raised scattering performance to a totally new level.


The  high-performance powdering machines deliver numerous value-adding benefits compared to other products on the market, such as:

  • Excellent distribution and stability
  • Throughput flow range:  adjustable with a ratio of 1 to100
  • Capacity to operate the same machine with many kinds of materials with almost no segregation of particles.
  • Reliable and easy operation and maintenance
  • Optimised with the ingredient properties.

Optional hygienic construction for food industry.

Some typical applications

  • Scattering of fine powders such as starch, talcum, metal powders, …or granulates in different application fields.
  • Sprinkling of salt for cheese industry
  • Scattering of powders or granules in food industry.

Hygienic design according the definition of EHEDG
(European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group):

  • Simple design rules
  • Easy access to all machine surfaces for cleaning, disinfection and inspection
  • Eliminating hidden areas where deposits and biofilm can accumulate
  • All surfaces in contact with the material are « FDA » conform .