Systems dedicated to the filling  "on line" of dry products (powders & granules) with high cadency.

This innovative concept has been developed to reduce  losses related to the changes in production (design to ease cleaning) while providing performances  of very high level (accuracy and dosing time).

The gravimetrical feeding is performed with independent rotating bowl scales  (one per filling point). This operation is performed in masked time, during the positionning of the packagings below the dispenser.
Each lane is individually controlled to ensure an accurate feeding. Storing the results provides complete traceability of production

Production control

A technology for  accurate and dynamic operation.

  •      A synthetic view of the production
  •      Traceability of results
  •      Storing of recipes
  •      An ergonomic and intuitive operation.

3 levels of accuracy for the balance

   Class    Balance resolution Min. feeding (estimate) Max. dosing (estimate)

For the automatic filling of dry materials

A              100 mg     > 5 g  ~  100 g
2A                 10 mg    > 0.5 g ~ 50 g
3A                     2 mg    > 0.2 mg ~ 20 g

Number of lanes: up to 10

Dosage in  rotating bowls  mounted on separate scales (the feedings are performed in masked time while handling the packings)


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