Powder dosing



MCPI Fine dosing® is specialist in the precision powder dosing and scattering systems. Our products are based on an exclusive and patented principle of extraction, which ensure superior advantages in term of accuracy and capacity to work with ingredients difficult to handle (sticky, cohesive or fine and delicate substances).

Our solutions ensure product integrity and avoid particle size segregation.

MCPI Fine dosing® systems are probably the more accurate in the market. They are particularly appreciated in food and drug industries thanks to the hygienic construction, easy to clean, to maintain, with almost no wearing parts.

Our product line contains all the essential powder feeding products from micro feeders with an accuracy of ± 1 mg to loss in weight feeders or scattering machines.

It doesn’t need long time to compare MCPI Fine dosing® systems with the traditional ones and to see the numerous advantages of this original and incomparable technology.

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